Hand Sanitiser Spray 200ML HYDREX
  • Hand Sanitiser Spray 200ML HYDREX

    SKU: H390170F2D

    Medical grade alcohol based pump spray skin disinfector. Originally designed for
    disinfection of skin prior to injections and minor surgery it is a medical grade
    sanitiser for hands, body, objects and surfaces.
    Top quality product made by EcoLab and used by the NHS and other healthcare
    organisations worldwide. The handy size makes it ideal to keep in a bag and use on
    hands and surfaces throughout the day. A must for keep your home / family /
    workplace safe and germ free.

    Literally use whenever you want!!!



    • Pink Colouring for Skin Sterilisation
    • Quick-drying disinfection
    • Pink Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.5% w/v in 70% v/v DEB
    • Effective against MRSA and Covid19
    • Supplied in a 200ml trigger spray container
    • Other sizes available on request


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